unpack the files in the demandit..tgz
place admin.cgi,, demandit.cgi,, install.cgi, in your cgi-bin directory
do chmod 755 *.cgi
place minus.gif and plus.gif in a viewable directory (ie /images)

open a browser and run install.cgi.
install.cgi will ask you for database information to create the database for use with Demand It
install.cgi will attempt to remove itself after the database creation is complete so someone doesn't come along and mess up your MySQL database system
if it can't remove itself it will tell you to remove it, definately remove it when install is complete.

run admin.cgi in your browser now and fill out the setup form, this creates and stores the administration login information
next log into the administration console with the information you provided at setup
click "System Config", it will expand a sub menu
now click "configure variables" and supply the variables that will tell Demand It how to act on your machine, each variable has an only help that gives a better definition of the variable
Save your variables
click "Create Tables", it will expand a sub menu
click "All", this will create al the necessary tables in the database that install.cgi created.
The user program will run from this point but your not done you can go into System Config -> Page Layout and configure the header and footer to be used with the user interface
Now go into "Database Management" and click "scan directories", this will scan the content directory tree for mp3s and catalog all that exist.

Anytime you add more songs simply rescan the directory tree. Logo