Demand It, MP3 Streaming Server

What is it?
Demand It is an on demand mp3 streaming server.

What does an "on demand mp3 streaming server" do?
It provides streaming audio in mp3 format to clients based on the requests they make.

Demand It Administration provides:
  1. Easy managment of the mp3 file database including ID3 tag management for the mp3 files
  2. Access control management for controlling access to the mp3 files
  3. Agent management (under development) for control over what agent (ie. winamp) can access the mp3 files
  4. Front end layout management
Demand It User Front End provides:
  1. Searching the mp3 database by song title, artis, genre, or album
  2. Browsing the mp3 database by artist or album
  3. One click play of a selected mp3
  4. Custom play lists per visitor for selection and play of multiple songs

Demand It sounds like a cool way to manage my mp3s and play them on any machine on my LAN, what do I need to use it?
Demand is written in PERL and developed on a RedHat server however it should be fully compatible with any linux distrobution and I don't see a reason it wouldn't work on any *nix based system do to PERL's flexible nature. It does use MySQL database for cataloging the mp3s and their ID3 tag information and requires the PERL module MP3::Info. Since the mp3s are streamed one at a time its fairly light on bandwidth per connection (note * lots of connections will mean lots of bandwidth) and has almost no impact on the server resources from the tests I've run so far. You will need the hard drive space to store the mp3s and less than 100k for Demand It itself. The space for the MySQL database will depend on the number of mp3 files your storing informaiton on. Logo